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How can I find out more about YUU?

To learn more about YUU, visit our Instagram and Facebook pages. Also do not forget to come to our open house at the start of each semester. For any questions you can contact our club president or vice president.

What is the interview process like?

4 statements on various topics will be sent to you prior to your interview. Prepare a 3~4 minute speech on a statement of your choice. You must give argumentative reasoning as to why you support or oppose the issue in question. Subsequently, the interviewers will ask several questions regarding your speech, and finally ask you more personal questions.

Do I need prior debating experience to join the club?

No prior debating experience is needed to join the club. Everything you need to learn about debating is taught to new members every semester, from a beginner’s level.

Do I need to be a UIC student to apply?

YUU is not a UIC exclusive club. All Yonsei University students are welcome to apply and join YUU.

How long does it take to receive my application result?

You should receive an Email from our council members a few days after your interview with your result. If you are accepted, the email will also have additional instructions.

What and how do we debate?

We debate from topics such as feminism and minority rights to international relations and economics. During spring semester we debate in AP (Asian Parliamentary). During fall semester we do BP (British Parliamentary).