Our Record

Competitive debate remains at the heart of our mission.

YUU has had the privilege of organizing several pre-collegiate and collegiate debate championships, including hosting the 2016 KIDA Nationals and sponsoring the annual Cornell-Yonsei Debate Invitational in collaboration with Debate Korea and the Cornell Speech & Debate Society. The Union also runs YUU Monthly and several Open Sessions throughout the year.

YUU Monthly

YUU monthly is an international one day tournament hosted by YUU since 2015. The tournament is free to participate in and we always encourage anyone interested to participate. As it is a one day tournament, there are no out rounds, and so the winners are decided through points awarded during the rounds. YUU monthly has hosted debaters from countries such as Australia, the Philippines, India, and many more, making it a truly international and open tournament. 

British Parliamentary Champions

2022 January YUU monthly: KIKI’s Harem(Ray Yixiao Wang, Klaus Xiao)

2021 January YUU monthly: Aspiring HK Dinos(Junbeom Lee, Nimaya Harris)

2019 November YUU monthly: No room for hui hoe(Sera Yun, Seongmin Lee)

2018 October YUU monthly: Snoopy(Sooyoung Park, Chaewon Kim)

2018 September YUU monthly: Kyeonghee Cyber University(Juntae Park, Steve Sangbum Heo)

2017 September YUU monthly: EDiS7(Seulchan Yun, Eugene Oh)

2017 August YUU monthly: S&P(Sungryul Park, Joonpyo Sohn)

2017 January YUU monthly: Korean Name (Youngjae Pak, Min Hyeong Kim)

2016 November YUU monthly: Iksoon and his friend(Iksoon Kim, Sungryul Park)

2016 September YUU monthly: We wank to Mao(Iksoon Kim, Dongbum Kim)

2016 June YUU monthly: Woodbridge(Sungryul Park, Jaedong Jeong)

2016 May YUU monthly: ASS(Iksoon Kim Juntae Park)

2015 December YUU monthly: JinGMani Goondaegayo(Sungryul Park, Jiman Lee)

2015 November YUU monthly: Gyosunim Love(Kyungmi Lee, Minjung Lee)

2015 October YUU monthly: Pedantic Labyrinth(Kyungmi, Sungryul Park)

2015 September YUU monthly: Hey I just met You(Hyemon Rho, Sewon Kim)

2015 August YUU monthly: KimKoh’s(Min Hyeong Kim, Kyungwoong Koh)

Asian Parliamentary Champions

2020 July YUU monthly: Bored randos with nothing better to do(Subin Park, Weonbin Na, Charin Kim)

2020 May YUU Monthly: Korean name(Hoejoon Jung, Jungyoon Kim, Sera Yun)

2019 April YUU monthly: Korean name(Youngjae Pak, Jaeho Song, Gaeun Park)

2018 April YUU monthly: Dr. Strange & Spiderman die(Joonbeom Kim, Sera Yun, Saebom Park)

2018 March YUU monthly: Drunk JD’s Decision(Jaedong Jeong, Seong Jae Hong, Eugene Oh)

2017 April YUU monthly: The Second Galactic Empire(Rafiq Saladdin, Jenny Na, Leonard Lee)

2017 February YUU monthly: Thug Life:JD Jeong, Min Hyeong Kim, Iksoon Kim)

2016 April YUU monthly: Say Goodbye to Hunter(Weonbin Na, Seunghan Lee, Huntae Cho)

2016 March YUU monthly: Leave Buddha Alone(Jeun Go, Iksoon Kim, Sungyoon Lee)

Top Speakers

2022 January YUU monthly: Andrew Gaulke, Michael Tan

2021 January YUU monthly: Nimaya Harris

2020 July YUU monthly:Weonbin Na

2020 May YUU monthly:Yoonchan Koo, Sera Yun

2019 November YUU monthly:Lucian Kwon 

2019 April YUU monthly: Youngjae Park

2018 October YUU monthly: Sera Yun, Sooyoung Park

2018 September YUU monthly: Juntae Park

2018 April YUU monthly: Sera Yun, Saebom Park

2018 March YUU monthly: Jaedeong Jeong

2017 September YUU monthly: Seulchan Yun

2017 August YUU monthly: Sonny Kim

2017 April YUU monthly: Rafiq Saladdin

2017 February YUU monthly: Minhyeong Kim

2017 January YUU monthly: Inbum Lee

2016 November YUU monthly: Iksoon Kim

2016 September YUU monthly: Iksoon Kim

2016 June YUU monthly: Joonpyo Sohn

2016 May YUU monthly: Hanho Lee

2016 April YUU monthly: Gyumin Kim

2016 March YUU monthly: Chan Park

2015 December YUU monthly: Sungryul Park

2015 November YUU monthly: Kyungmi Lee

2015 October YUU monthly: Sungryul Park

2015 September YUU monthly: Hyewon Rho, Sungryul Park

2015 August YUU monthly: Min Hyeong Kim