Yonsei Underwood Union

South Korea’s premier debate society.

First and The Best since 2006

Debate is the prerequisite to any healthy democracy. As President of YUU for the year 2022, it is my honor to invite you to explore one of South Korea’s oldest and most prestigious debating societies. For the past 14 years we have made our mark in Asia’s competitive debating scene, being crowned champions and grand finalists of countless domestic and international tournaments. But most importantly, we have grown into a family of diverse viewpoints and an ever-wide spectrum of personalities who share a common passion for dialogue, controversy, and drinking (water).

The debate chamber is the home of reform-centric discussion. The topics we explore and the policies we suggest can and have remarkable implications on our views of society. From modern economics and foreign politics to feminist movements, if you are looking to be a part of this intellectual exploration, and in the meantime make life-long friendships, join us for our Class of 2022, and be part of the “First and The Best” tradition. 

— Neda Cerniauskaite, ’22 Spring President

A History of Excellence

YUU is a great foundation upon which any kind of talent can blossom.  Alumni reach beyond any other varsity organization for that precise reason – from legal fields, strategic consulting, finance and banking to engineering, IT development and medicine, YUU presents all the possibilities you can ever imagine – along with your friendly night over some booze with talents from all over the world.

— Gyumin Kim, ’08 Alumnus, Australs 2015 EFL Champion

It is rare for a university debate club to remain in the hearts and minds of alumni years after they have moved on into the world. I can confidently say that Yonsei Underwood Union is one of those rare clubs. As the only debate society in Korea to have ever sent a team to the elimination rounds of the world championships, I am honored to recommend YUU to you!

— Seokho Daniel Yoon, Founder of Debate Korea